Hardly is there an individual who does not have her or his own idea of beauty and comfort. Very often the preferences of the family members are opposite in all aspects from architectural styles to the last tiny detail.

Our job is to collect their dreams about the new home that float in the air and are not always expressed aloud. That is why our main task is to catch the general tune and air close to our customers’ mindset and convey their unsaid moods into realm of a design project.

We are also very fond of flowers. Here in Moscow and Moscow region, in the midst of Russia, the plants in a home are tiny but welcome envoys from overseas. People regard them as exotic decoration and a reminder of recent trips to warmer countries. They create a special fairy-tale atmosphere and comfort in our interiors.

Work stages

1. Conclusion of the contract

2. Drawing up a design assignment

3. Measurement and development of options for planning solutions

4. Concept: collages and visualizations

5. Working documentation

6. Development of engineering projects including electricity, water supply and sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, boiler room, home cinemas, hammam and/or sauna, rooms with special climate

7. Estimates for construction works and estimates for the completion of the project

8. Construction and installation and finishing work.

9. Project management - coordinating construction work with contractors, supply of construction and finishing materials, equipment

10. Commissioning

11. Warranty service

12. Maintenance of systems