Our architectural and construction company was founded in Moscow on September 20, 1999.

The core idea behind the emergence of our company was the desire to unite talented professional designers and architects with equally high-class builders and engineers in one team capable to create housing projects and public spaces of a quality new Life Style.

In about two we have realized more than 250 projects of urban apartments, country houses, estates and public interiors, located in Moscow and Moscow region.

We are grateful to all those wonderful people who entrusted their homes to us and happy to meet them time and again for the new projects.

We see our mission in genuine understanding of our customers’ mindset, their achievements, life experience and choices.

All our works have their own language and individuality. The Decorative Concept is always built on a STORY which is specifically developed for each and every family. All our projects have one feature in common, and this is the philosophy which we call the CONCEPTUAL HUMANISM. It is manifested in the unity of nature, humanity and the aesthetics of the new living reality that we create for customers.

To cut a long story short, we just expressed our entire philosophy in the name of our company LADiF – Landscape Architecture Design & Flora.


In the rapidly and dynamically changing economic environment of this country we strive to achieve stability and success in the work of our company just being loyal to our fundamental principles:

  • High professionalism of the team throughout the process of development and realization of the projects;
  • Ability to understand our customers’ desires and meet their expectations to create a unique product for each of them;
  • Fair and integral business partnership;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Immediate response and adaptation to changes in market requirements and opportunities;

This approach to our business has allowed us to earn the reputation of a reliable company and the appreciation of our customers and partners.

About two decades of successful work

More than 250 projects implemented

42700 m2- total space of our architectural and design projects

40 hectares – total space of our landscape projects

More than 2000 reliable suppliers