As Stanislavsky once famously said, if a theater begins with its cloak-room, then we have all reasons to believe that a cozy home begins with a garden gate. And it's good idea to have a beautiful garden or a lawn, filled with aroma and silence, just beyond the threshold.

In the suburbs of Moscow and in various location s around Moscow region we create gardens that have already become the property of house owner and are set to be inherited by the future generations. Such a landscape is an added value to the aesthetic and financial attractiveness of the most refined and sophisticated architecture.

In our gardens and parks we combine regular and natural landscape styles to maximize the benefits of each of them and find new combinations of colors and plant forms. Planting two fairly common types of flowers next to each other, we achieve the appearance of a completely new species, which does not occur in nature.

Whatever design solutions we offer we always follow a certain set of rules:

  • The building and the site around it form an integral whole with each other and the environment;
  • The garden should be easy to keep;
  • Everything in the garden is safe, convenient and functional;
  • The garden is a living organism that grows and develops according to the laws of nature and these circumstances should work for us.

Work stages

1. Conclusion of the contract

2. Drawing up a design assignment

3. Topography, development of general plan options

4. The concept: collages and a list of plants and decoration materials, visualization

5. Working documentation

6. Development of special sections of the project, including(street lighting and lighting, irrigation system, water supply and sewerage

7. Estimates for works on landscaping and gardening

8. Estimate for completing the project

9. Works on improvement and gardening

10. Project management, including coordination the timing of construction work with the work of contractors, the supply of plants, construction and finishing materials.

11. Commissioning.

12. Warranty service.